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Don’t Mind Them, Megan.

An open letter to Megan Thee Stallion

[junkie-dropcap]T[/junkie-dropcap]his goes out to you, Megan. Following a tragic moment such as what you experienced recently, one would expect a flurry of support. However, the social media and music industry communities failed you. Despite America’s current uprising we continue to neglect the well-being of our Black women. Must one die in order to receive respect? Well, apparently that’s not enough either, considering Breonna Taylor’s murderers remain free. Time and time again Black women get the short end of the stick. Though there isn’t a whole lot I can do to change that individually, I wanted to thank you, Megan. Just real quick. Don’t wanna take up too much of your time. While you recover, I am sending tsunami waves of positive energy in your direction. We as a culture cannot give the egregious actions of Tory Lanez a pass. As far as WavyPack goes: It’s Fuck Tory Lanez SZN.

Forever. So, thank you, Megan, for staying strong in these wild times. The toxic masculinity you experienced is nothing less than a travesty. I am not an extreme feminist or a… whatever the male version of that is. Simply put, I am a humanist. Violent actions, especially those rooted in pettiness and egocentric delusions of self, make me sick. What kills me is how hollow the response to what happened to you has shaped up. Honestly, it’s ridiculous! I was under the impression that everybody loves Megan Thee Stallion? I mean, how could anybody not at least rock with you? This shit baffles me. I may not be the most professional-sounding writer out there, but fuck that. You’ve persevered through so much in your life. (Not that I know you, of course, but plenty of evidence proves of your open and honest character.) No human deserves this type of treatment.

As a community, blogs, publications, and news outlets treated your story like just another headline. Even though 2020 has been the craziest year in decades, that is no excuse for what has transpired. Your pain is not headline fodder for the masses to consume and spit out two hours later. What you’re going through is very real. And I want you to know that although I cannot feel your pain, you are not alone in this. You are loved. I’m sure you know this and have a circle of people you trust to be there when you need them. Yet handing over trust to someone like a Tory Lanez just for them to trample all over it, hurting you physically in the process, must be a heavy burden to bear.

During the first installment of our podcast, I poked a lot of fun at Tory’s expense. I don’t want you or anyone to think we believe your situation is a laughing matter. Because frankly it isn’t in the slightest. I just have a passion for putting weak niggas on blast. And I will continue shitting on this man for as long as I see fit. He deserves years in prison for what he did to you. I hope they bring him to justice with complete and utter swiftness. In conclusion, thank you for existing. Thank you for putting on for all of the strong Black women in the music industry and around the world as well. I’m sorry such a terrible thing had to happen to such a talented, beautiful, and warm person like yourself. We wish you a speedy recovery and are looking forward to your next media release.

God Bless,


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