How to Deal with a F**k N*gga in 2020

A detailed guide on how to navigate this situation successfully.

I would like to address something that we are all too familiar with: Fuck niggas. Before this very point in my life, I never had the desire to address the topic because I’ve never associated with them. But, it’s an unconventional story when one of your homies turns out to be, in fact, a fuck nigga. As you can imagine, I was shocked—confused that one of my own boys had been a fuck nigga all along. When did it happen and how could I have not seen it coming? Sometimes it takes us a while to realize it. Before you put yourself at risk, check these easy steps when you think you’ve come in contact with a fuck nigga.



There are always signs. Fuck niggas have a tendency to overcompensate for shit. You’ll notice them repeating the same stuff all the time — always talking about some shit they just bought. They’re trying to flex, but will probably ask you to borrow some cash for something to eat later. Fuck niggas aren’t usually laid back. They move a lot and never stop talking. If you constantly have to tell a nigga to shut the fuck up, chances are he’s a fuck nigga. More are out there than you think. Here are some signs:

Look for any sketchy shit. If he’s always going to the bathroom—fuck nigga. If he’s always stealing some shit from Wal-Mart or the mall—fuck nigga. Most fuck niggas are lazy and don’t have good home training. If you notice a nigga doing some dirty shit; always leaving a mess; never throwing his trash away; he might be a fuck nigga. These are only a few signs but there are plenty. Symptoms vary per fuck nigga. An excellent rule of thumb: if you find yourself consistently annoyed or always asking yourself, “what the fuck?” then the odds are pretty high: He’s a fuck nigga.


Now that you have identified the fuck nigga in your circle, it’s time to remove him. I understand that there may be some issues. Maybe the fuck nigga is just going through some shit. Maybe he acts this way because he doesn’t have a genuine friend to tell ’em. You must remember, though, that is not your problem. You can’t afford to fool with a fuck nigga (the term “fuck nigga by association” comes into play). The removal process is easy and effective. It may vary from circumstance to circumstance, but it’s still a good general guide to ridding yourself of the hopeless fuck nigga.

step 1

Cease any verbal contact: I said it earlier, fuck niggas love to talk. Before, you probably entertained it with a, “Oh yeah?” or “Damn, for real?” But now, it’s time to become deaf. Act like you can’t hear him speak.

step 2

Lose sympathy: As humans, we all have the natural instinct to care and feel sorry for others. Unfortunately, losing sympathy for a fuck nigga is one of the most important parts of the removal process. Once you can simply not give a damn about a fuck nigga or his feelings, you are free from his bullshit. When the fuck nigga gets hip, he’ll either accept that you don’t fuck with him anymore or get upset. Remember, a fuck nigga will use petty insults and talk shit, but he will never try to fight you, for fear of getting his shit fucked up.

step 3

Forget his name: This is the last step of the removal process and it’s also the most crucial. Fuck niggas aren’t right. A lot of things about them are wrong, just flawed as fuck. It’s important to get all that shit out of your brain. Real niggas need not dwell on a fuck nigga. So, I repeat, forget the nigga’s name.


The final step in dealing with a fuck nigga is this: You have to dismiss any association. Fuck niggas sometimes try to act like they’re still cool with you, or that you still fuck with them. This last step is important. If you don’t complete it, the fuck nigga may do some really dumb shit that will cause you to fuck him up. As a real one, have some courtesy. Give the fuck nigga a chance to understand that you don’t fuck with him. Just be straight up. For example, “Look bruh, you did some fucked up shit and I really don’t fuck with you.” Keep it simple and to the point.


This is a guide for real niggas who have gotten caught up in some fuck nigga shit. Know that it’s not your fault. Fuck niggas come in abundance. And every once in a while, one gets into a real nigga’s circle. That’s why it’s so important to deal with them properly with these few easy steps.
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