The “OASIS” Jewelry Collection by Austin James Smith Radiates Refined Serpent-inspired Elegance

Sculptural Beauty and Symbolic Serpents: Exploring Austin James Smith's Captivating 'OASIS' Collection

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Renowned jewelry designer Austin James Smith is known for his devotion to opulence. Following his eye-catching “UTOPIA” collection earlier this year, he has now unveiled his eighth series of stunning accessories, titled “OASIS.”

Departing from the industrial design aesthetics that characterized Smith’s prior works, this latest collection embraces a sculptural methodology, drawing inspiration from concepts such as “serpentine elegance,” “interwoven tendrils,” and the rugged beauty of desert landscapes. Each of Smith’s collections is a creative exploration of the intricate relationship between personal identity and ornamental adornment. With “OASIS,” this exploration takes on a sophisticated dimension.

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In a reflective Instagram post, Smith shared his profound contemplation on the trajectory of his jewelry design journey this year. His aim was to conceive something genuinely exceptional and uniquely reflective of his artistic vision. Having faced instances of imitation from both established and emerging brands, Smith felt compelled to break free from convention and chart a new course for the forthcoming collection.

“Phase 8 Oasis” symbolizes Smith’s embrace of growth and transformation, a sentiment he fully embodies. Crafted from his signature blend of diverse metals, each piece boasts an elevated lava lamp pattern, providing a sinuous and tactile quality to his refined creations. Smith interprets this pattern as a testament to humanity’s capacity to weather life’s highs and lows with resilience and acceptance.

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Within the collection, certain pieces stand out. The Baby Spore Earring cascades and spirals delicately from the ear with a pointed termination, while the Coil Earring extends in an undulating manner from beneath the ear, reminiscent of a serpent’s graceful movement. The Eternal Ring exhibits an organic, flowing shape that commands attention on the wearer’s finger. The Eternal Link Necklace and Bracelet showcase an abundance of intertwined serpents, each linked tail-to-tail.

Austin James Smith’s much-anticipated “OASIS” collection is scheduled for release on August 29, available through the brand’s official webstore. For more fashion news,


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