FKA twigs – CAPRISONGS, Mixtape Review

18 months later, and London alt-R&B superstar FKA twigs gets better with time.

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Freedom of expression. That is what London songstress FKA twigs represents. While she may not be a household name her creative vision and consistency make her one of today’s most celebrated auteurs. With CAPRISONGS twigs takes it upon herself to reinvent her own wheel. As she steps away from her usual avant-garde showcases, FKA opens the minds of her fans to new possibilities. Rather than remain stagnant she uses pop presentation as a slight detour, taking the Afrobeat exit en route to fresh beginnings and necessary closure. Despite her reserved nature, CAPRISONGS highlights her sunnier side. Reformed confidence. Dazzling decadence matched with sentiments of endearment, perseverance, and unfiltered passion. In my view, this project progresses her overarching sound and improves upon the more subtle alt-R&B of her MAGDALENE album.

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Patient yet powerful. Poetic though simplistic. This record feels both minimal and maximal at the same time. During this seamless listening experience twigs swings her sonic pendulum with prowess. Balancing soft, transparent ballads with groovy crossover party tracks is no small feat. Primary producers El Guincho, Koreless, and FKA herself simply refuse to fall in line. Instead they, along with other prolific creators, house a unique blend of art pop, island-vibe dance, and R&B balladry. Less than half of CAPRISONGS exude a dance framework. Yet tracks like “darjeeling” and “jealousy,” two of my personal favorites, ultimately shine brightest. Although these sounds certainly reside within her wheelhouse, I did not expect this execution style. Nevertheless, twigs still holds intimate lyricism close to her heart, like on the record’s final track, “thank you song.”

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“I wanted to die, I’m just being honest.” Time has only proven how resilient of a human and artist FKA twigs continues to be. As far as gripes go, I don’t have many. Other than a couple interludes I deem unnecessary, CAPRISONGS embodies effortlessness. This record exhibits an innate understanding of the Self through a lens of reflection and authentic dissent from industry norms. Here craftsmanship takes the lead. And oh what a pleasant sound that is. Her third commercial release perpetuates her superstardom. Also, the Daniel Caesar feature on “careless” deserves a special shout-out. In spite of a scant production style, I found his guest efforts to be utterly infectious. This personalized mixtape flutters into the ether with its head held high. For FKA, the sky is never the limit. What is a limit when you stay true to yourself?

FKA twigs - CAPRISONGS, Mixtape Review
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