What to Know About Jack Dorsey’s Decentralized Social Media Platform “Bluesky”

Everything you need to know about the new decentralized social media platform and how to get in.

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Bluesky, the latest social media sensation, is taking the internet by storm. But gaining access to this decentralized Twitter clone is no easy feat – it requires an invite. Twitter is abuzz with users pleading for access codes to avoid being stuck on the waiting list.

Following Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, Bluesky has been touted as a potential replacement. Although the beta version of Bluesky was released in February, it wasn’t until April that the platform gained momentum as more Twitter users began flocking to it. High-profile figures like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Chrissy Teigen have already joined the platform.

When Did It Launch?

So, what makes Bluesky stand out? The idea for Bluesky originated at Twitter in 2019, but it became its own public benefit company in 2022, backed by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Unlike Twitter, Bluesky is organized around a decentralized system where user data can be stored on independent servers instead of ones owned by the company. Users will also be able to develop their own servers that they can use with communities of their choosing.

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Bluesky’s interface looks and feels almost identical to Twitter, allowing users to post text and images to a central feed, follow other users, and repost content. Posts, called “skeets,” are limited to 300 characters, and there are currently no video capabilities, but users can post images. However, users cannot direct message each other or block others – at least not yet.

How Can You Sign Up?

Currently, the best way to get on Bluesky is to beg. Bluesky began letting people off its waitlist this year and has been rolling out invites in waves. The platform has yet to announce a date for widespread public release.

Bluesky racked up over 375,000 downloads on iOS worldwide as of Wednesday, and recently released on Android. The site is predominantly populated by journalists, internet personalities, tech experts, and some celebrities. However, there is still no verification process on Bluesky, which has led to impersonators cropping up on the platform.

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Bluesky’s exclusivity has been in its favor, and with a limited amount of people on the platform, it has yet to be infiltrated by conspiracy theorists. However, Bluesky will potentially open up the app once it has a more robust moderation system in place. For more tech news, Meta Is Tracking Users Who Visit Websites Via Facebook and Instagram’s In-App Browser.


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