Quavo Shares Heartfelt Tribute to Takeoff “Without You”

"Long Live Take Infinity"

On Wednesday night, Quavo released a touching new single dedicated to his late nephew and frequent collaborator Takeoff. Titled “Without You,” the song is an emotional, heartbreaking reminisce on the various high and low points in their lives and careers.

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Takeoff, born Kirsnick Khari Ball, was tragically killed on November 1 in Houston, just weeks after he and Quavo released their debut album as a duo, Only Built for Infinity Links. On “Without You,” Quavo reflects on simpler times. “Remember them days we ain’t have our shit together? / On the Nawfside times was hard, but them days was better,” he sings. Further lyrical themes reflect Takeoff’s fascination with intergalactic lore.

“Out in the galaxy, up in the stars / Over the universe, it’s bigger than Mars / See you in heaven, see you heaven / When I see you in heaven, I’ma be with my dog.”

In the accompanying video, a pensive and melancholic Quavo sits alone in a recording studio in deep reflection. Previous interviews saw Quavo and Offset credit Takeoff as the founding member of the Migos – initially known as Polo Club – and their widely influential triplet flow that changed the landscape of hip-hop. Though his departure from this world still stings, Takeoff’s legacy as a potent lyricist and musical innovator who always stayed 10 toes down for his family lives on forever.

You can find the video for Quavo’s “Without You” in the player above.

“Long Live Take Infinity”

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