More than what you see.

They peeked into my physique to
Try to find my confidence wrapped up in my curves.
They peeked into my physique and tried to find me.
And they failed miserably.
See, because my confidence lies in the heart and
In a mindset, all built up by my almighty God.
I know who I am.

They keep trying to get that reaction of glee out of me when they say,
“Oh girl you been working out, you getting thick.” etcetera, etcetera!
And really, it just drives me up the wall, all the walls —
It’s that deep..

I kindly request you— notice me for something else.
Ask me how I’m living or what I plan to do next.
Anything else, but stop peeking into my physique,
Because there you’ll found no part of me.

My physique lies within my heart and it’s a full-figured Queen,
Who is waiting for someone, anyone, to just peek into her heart, not her outer PHYSIQUE,
Because the PHYSIQUE that matters lies there.

Executive Editor

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