Correct Me If I’m Wrong: Space Selfies and Angry Neighbors

Correct Me If I'm Wrong returns for season two! Greg talks sneakers, space selfies and the latest movies.

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Greg Tyler Podcast Host

Gregory Tyler returns for season 2 of Correct Me If I’m Wrong! After taking a short break, Greg comes back with the same classic content as well as tossing in some fresh new segments.

The Rose, Bud, and Thorn kick us off with some sneaker action, some showering, and some neighbors. As always, there’s some history. Time to get educated about one of the most interesting selfies of all time. Greg dives in a little deeper and educates us on the history of taking selfies.

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Don’t forget the new segments. Greg introduces a sneaker of the week where he talks about iconic shoes and ends with giving them a 1-10 rating. Then, we get Greg’s motion picture picks for the week. Same deal, a short run down, and rating of movies or TV shows from the week.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy Season 2 of Correct Me If I’m Wrong, brought to you exclusively by

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