süperçyber/SÆberTooTh, a Virtual Narrative

Welcome to the jungle of tomorrow.

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[junkie-dropcap]I[/junkie-dropcap]n the year 2101, a virtual reality experience releases. Following the New Age Revolution, tensions between political parties soothed. This gave way for the resurgence of entertainment. Not without a cost however. In late 2100, a conspiracy bloomed. Founder and CEO of a leading tech developer died from liquid poison. His company, Flex-Vision, lifted virtual gaming and laser-sensor technology to new heights. While developing these advancements alongside his team of experts, Keegan Epoch hurdled many obstacles. This included living in a South American jungle for 19 months when hackers breached Flex-Vision’s security walls in 2097.

Alas, during one of many psychedelic jungle journeys, Epoch formulated a new vision. Corporate and political enemies arose after he used his platform to promote peace and unity among nations. Flex-Vision gifted third-world countries learning centers and clean-water plants, as well as virtual gaming workshops, to bring knowledge and opportunity to those in need.

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Epoch was not without his flaws, however. He spent his early twenties robbing, harvesting, and flipping serial-killer organs on the black market. Additionally, there were those who accused (yet never charged) Keegan of crypto-forgery, making millions off reverse sabotaging insider traders moments ahead of a major stock decline. In his late thirties, conversely, he spent his willpower building a company that could help those in both the physical and virtual worlds. Though arguably his greatest work didn’t come into existence until the turn of the 22nd Century.

Three days before his passing, Epoch dumped his entire net worth into independent health clinics, minority college funds, and promising tech start-ups. He had no living relatives and no spouse. Despite this it remains curious as to why he chose to go through with such a financial overhaul. It was as if he knew how and when fate would arrive at his doorstep. And perhaps he did…

A secret project of his made headlines following his death. This he created in solitude. None of his programmers, fellow executives, or game developers knew what he crafted in the wee hours of the morn. Yet they would soon find out, along with the rest of the world. Epoch spent many millions on virtual-reality technology. With it he hoped to build an immersive gaming experience with multiple challenge modes. This way all ages could enjoy his creation. He called it “ÇyberTooTh: Bridge of Tomorrow”. The game’s story follows two paths.

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First, players choose to begin as beast or archaeologist. While both paths eventually converge, starting on one path forges a unique experience. Most choose to end with the beast plot since it involves more intricate combat. This action-mystery feat highlights key milestones from Epoch’s life in the form of cheeky metaphors and eerie cut-scenes. Set in the year 3005, “ÇyberTooTh” explores a futuristic post-postmodern world where nature and civilization collide. Government bodies employ poachers to capture wild animals who then deliver the beasts to research facilities. Scientist-surgeons splice flesh and tech, programming the animals to defer to humans.

Although this sounds intrusive, the general public approves of these methods. This is due to the overwhelming amount of wild animal attacks in years prior. Alas, the strongest and most difficult beasts to mentally tame are kept in-house for later use. A rogue group of archaeologists searches the deepest pockets of jungle for a special prize. Fight off poachers and search for clues until you come across the beast of legend: the ÇyberTooTh Tiger. The pursuit is on for the cub of a powerful ÇyberTooTh and the last natural female tiger. Will you protect the order of nature? Or blaze a new trail for humanity? Who killed Epoch, and why? For the next 80 years or so, we simply cannot know.

Until then, enjoy our playlist inspired by the (fictional) life of Keegan Epoch. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!

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