Playlist: Essentials – Lou M

A collection of the best tracks from rising LA artists Lou. Part of the WAVYPACK Essentials Playlists Series.

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One of our favorite artists has songs we feel need some light shed on them. If you’re familiar with WAVYPACK then Lou comes as no stranger to you. The Los Angeles emcee/songwriter/poet has a plethora of music. While we could spotlight all of it, we felt it’d be best to showcase his best records that cohesively blend beautifully. We’ve curated a playlists that’s masterfully curated to a runtime of 30 short mins. During this time you receive a healthy dose of the mindset that powers Lou M.

Otra Noche En La Calle, a Night Drive Playlist

Records such as “S.A.D. (Sam’s After Dark)” showcase Lou’s storytelling ability while cuts such as “Shit 2 Do” play as a soulful anthemic motivational piece to help lift the spirits of the listener. With lush production, beautiful sonics and impressive vocal performances. Matched with the soulful introspective poetry and life lessons, this playlist makes for the perfect introduction to one of the west coasts most promising new talents. You can listen to the full playlist in the player below. Lastly, for more playlists, check out the official WAVYPACK playlist. WAVE FM.


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