Welcome to Aries Season 2021, What To Know

Welcome to the season of new beginnings, the season of progress and rebirth. Aries Season.

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If you live in New York, or some place where it gets cold. You know, this winter came frigged and stark. We’re over it. Well, spring is finally upon us. It’s the perfect middle ground. It’s cool enough to still be hoodie season but you can switch out those long pants for some cool shorts. Bring out the low top sneakers. Showoff some vintage windbreakers. Spring has landed. There’s an astrological milestone to celebrate right now, as well. The beginning of spring (spring equinox) is also the beginning of Aries season, running from March 21, 2021 through April 19, 2021. This spring means they’ll be plenty of good vibes coming your way!

What does Aries season mean for my sign?

To start things off, you’ll want to get outside. It’s beautiful. The pandemic had locked us up in our homes for months. So you’ll definitely want to spend more time outside. You’ll desire to link with friends, take a vacation or just enjoy everything nature offers you. If the sun’s out, be out.. You should be there.

“Aries’ primary motivation is to move forward and fast, trail-blazing and being declared the winner at everything.”

Be mindful though, Mars, the planet of action, is currently chillin’ in Gemini. What this means is, you’ll feel distracted.. There will be a lot of day-dreaming going on. Not that that’s a bad thing. You’ll be thinking about that vacation to Maldives you’ve been dying to go on. Or checking your friends IG stories when you have better things to do. Like work on your goals maybe? Try starting that business, read something new. Whatever you do, stay focused, be progressive.

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Spring is the season of rebirth and change. Change is good for everybody. Start going for the things that you really want. Want that promotion at work? Go for it, make it impossible for the powers that be to overlook you. Trying out for the team this year. You’ll make it, cause you’ll be the hardest working person on the floor. Trying to get fit this year? Stick to it and make it happen. If you want something this season, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have it. You just have to go out and get it. Aries season will impact all zodiac signs, but Aries, Libra, and Gemini will feel it the most.

How will Aries season impact my love life?

During Aries season, Venus the romantic changes signs twice. First, the day after the sun moves into the dynamic fire sign, on March 21, Venus (planet of love) follows. Until April 14, when it’ll bring a more uninhibited, wide-eyed, sensitive, and restless outlook to love, money, beauty, and fellowship.

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You may find yourself inspired to be more assertive, brave, and bold regarding dating. You will want to connect more, propose new ideas, you may even have the urge to change your style this season. This feeling likely started on March 26 when the sun paired with the romantic Venus, giving you the much needed hit of confidence you can use in your relationships, work and personal style.

Keep in mind though, on April 14, the planet of love will move before the sun into the second sign of the zodiac: the ever so grounded earth sign Taurus, which is also one of the two signs Venus rules. What this means is, it’s in its element, hanging out in the sign of the Bull. You’ll crave romance and personal time to relax and unwind with the people you adore the most in your life. The only downside is this. Aries loves to progress quickly while Taurus likes to take things super-slow and steady. As you transition from one to the other and things begin to manifest in your love life — it could be a bit confusing, don’t worry. Give it time.

Communicate, say what you mean and mean what you say.

Mercury this year will spend half of Aries season in Pisces — it made this transition on March 18th — this will insight a resourceful, expressive but not a very reasonable attitude towards the way we collaborate, think and connect with those around us. If being more direct is your preference. You’ll be pleased to know that this fast-paced and assertive style will be far more apparent on April 3 to 19 as Mercury transitions into Aries. During this time, you’ll lean more towards truth and honesty as opposed to dreams and illusions. When it’s good Mercury in Aries can help inspire new ideas and help you see the big picture. When it’s bad, Mercury in Aries causes a lot of unnecessary debates and possibly a war of words. Watch your tongue.

On April 18, Mercury pairs with the sun. When in this dynamic fire sign, you’ll find your communication bold and fearless. This would be the perfect time to ask for exactly what you want. With all your conditions. Do not hesitate.

How will Aries season impact the rest of your year?

Aries season is all about rebirth and new beginnings. Its full moon happened last night on March 28 while in Libra. During this time you’ll likely want to reflect on your past love and relationships. This is not to linger, because Libra is ruled by the romantic Venus. This full moon — referred to as the “Worm Moon” — During this transition, you may find success solving an issue in your current relationship that arose months prior. These ties to Mars currently (in Gemini) and Saturn currently (in Aquarius) are perfect for perspective. You’ll learn from your past mistakes, which will give you a solid foot up onward and forward.

Lastly, on April 11, the Aries new moon will assist you in refocusing. It’s a rough transition to transformative Pluto, so you may find yourself in a power struggle, but friendly sextiles to Mars in Gemini and Jupiter in Aquarius will make it possible to make your message clear, especially when focused on diplomatic communication. If you have a game plan and want to get it off. During this time would be best. Walk confidently into this vibrant season made precisely for progress and new beginnings. Happy Aries Season!

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