Lil Squo Drops Off His Latest Visual For “Coco Butta”

The Arkansas emcee showcases his versatility in this smooth, sultry new visual.

You can move in so many directions in music. There’s an element of surprise that comes with moving effectively. These moves take a consistent thought process and showcase versatility. Lil Squo embodies these traits in his music. He has bangers but also understands sometimes you have to slow things down for the ladies. He knows his demographic and moves through the industry with a savvy we haven’t seen in years. For his latest effort, Squo gives us a smooth new visual stemming from his new single, dubbed “Coco Butta”. His verses are smooth, kin to the days of blackstreet, although this time with a southern flare.

The visual features smoothed b roll moments and warm, yet slightly saturated color grading for an excellent visual representation of the intimacy being expressed throughout the video. Lil Squo also enlists the assistance of collaborator Eklipse on the hook for a record that sits so nicely in its own pocket. The song honors both past and present in its approach, and that deserves respect in every sense. Speaking to Squo is also a lesson in perseverance and enlightenment. The man knows his way around the industry. It’s the little things.. like knowing your rights as an artist. Understanding your royalties breakdown, the mechanics and much more.

Considered by us an OG in authentic form. Squo is on a mission to provide more understanding to how the industry works and wants more artists to be more aware of how to navigate it correctly. He’s garnered our respect and we know he’ll earn yours as well. You can watch the full video for “Coco Butta” in the player above. Lastly, for more indie spotlights, DON DR3 Releases Eclectic New Visual For ‘Covid Shxt’.

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