á la LUNA, a Narrative Voyage

Flight EM-309 from Seattle to Earth's Moon will be departing soon... Better hurry!

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[junkie-dropcap]T[/junkie-dropcap]hank you for choosing WAVYPACK airlines. Our mission is to provide superior in-flight service while traveling the great beyond that is Outer Space. Following a pending diagnostics exam, we will have three shuttle hubs across the USA — Brooklyn, Seattle, and Dayton, Ohio. Have you checked in? … … [YES/NO]… … Are you a premium member? … … [YES/NO] … … Welcome Passenger D21! Premium seating arrangements confirmed. Complimentary meal provided. Additionally, alcoholic beverages are available at a discount. Before takeoff, please consult our safety terms and conditions. Also, be mindful of any items in your pockets. Prior to boarding, you will undergo a thorough body scan. As a bonus, we have synched a playlist that runs for the duration of your flight: á la LUNA by Kam Jenkins. We will land in approximately 58 minutes and 28 seconds. Spotify users: Set your Crossfade option to 3 seconds from your Playback settings for best results.

Headphones please.

Auriculares por favor.

Écouteurs s’il vous plaît.

Kopfhörer bitte.


हेडफोन कृपया।

Enjoy your trip to the Moon!!

¡Disfruta tu viaje a la Luna!

Profitez de votre voyage sur la Lune!

Genieße deine Reise zum Mond!


चंद्रमा के लिए अपनी यात्रा का आनंद लें !

ACT I: Ascent from the Underground


Track 01: “Obligatory Cadence”
Artist: Flying Lotus
Producer: Flying Lotus
Distributor: Warp Records

Passenger D21 stares out the window of their family’s SUV. The evening sky soon gives way to the Moon. “Happy 21st Birthday!!” embellishes their ticket. After weaving through traffic for about 45 minutes, they arrive at the Seattle Underground Space Station.

Track 02: “Gone Too Soon”
Artist(s): Michael Jackson, Marty Paich
Producer: Michael Jackson
Distributor: Epic/Legacy Records

“Are you sure you still want to do this?” their mother asks.

“I love you, Mom. But hell yes,” they reply.

The group huddles for a bittersweet goodbye.

Track 03: “L.I.N.E.”
Artist: Kelly Lee Owens
Producer: Kelly Lee Owens
Distributor: Smalltown Supersound

Passenger D21 waits in line for what feels like half an eternity. This place is packed. 35 minutes should be enough time… right?

Track 04: “On the Run”
Artist: Pink Floyd
Producer(s): David Gilmour, Roger Waters
Distributor: Pink Floyd Records

Our Passenger hears this over the intercom: “Flight EM-309 to Earth’s Moon will depart soon. Premium passengers board in T-minus three minutes.”

Our Passenger hears this in their mind: “Better hurry, little bitch!”

Track 05: “All That”
Artist: Carly Rae Jepsen
Producer(s): Ariel Rechtshaid, Devonté Hynes
Distributor: Silent Records IGA/Kobalt Music Publishing

Passenger D21 makes it just in time to board. Huffing, puffing, and a little sweaty, they locate their reserved seat and pop a squat. They are the last premium passenger to board.

“This premium ticket thing better be worth it,” they utter under their breath.

“Oh, it is,” their neighbor answers with assurance. “This is my fourth time flying to the Big Cheese. When the time comes, I’ll show ya around, if that’s alright with you.”


ACT II: Vehicular Lenticular


Track 06: “Glass & Patron”
Artist: FKA twigs
Producer(s): FKA twigs, Jordan Asher Cruz
Distributor: Young Turks Recordings

The shuttle takes off from the moon-styled runway. Other passengers roar with applause as most of them embark on their first off-planet voyage.

Once the flight stabilizes, Passenger D22 calls over a flight attendant. He turns to his neighbor to ask:

“You’re not a minor, are ya? …Splendid. Two Patrón’s with moon rocks, ma’am. Please and thank you!” *Wink*

Track 07: “In My Dreams 2015”
Artist: Kid Cudi
Producer: Kid Cudi
Distributor: Kid Cudi/Universal Records

The clouds are particularly beautiful tonight. They almost look like flying saucers of some sort…

“I’m feeling good now. Much better, actually.”

Track 08: “Sky Walker”
Artist(s): Miguel, Travis Scott
Producer(s): Miguel, Happy Perez
Distributor: ByStorm Entertainment& RCA Records/Kobalt Music Publishing/Universal Music Publishing

Passenger D22 proposes a toast, lifting his glass to his neighbor’s.

“To… the Big Cheese?” Our Passenger shakes their head, “To 21st birthdays.”

His expression transitions to joy as their glasses clink and the ice within them rattles.

Track 09: “Rolling Stone”
Artist: The Weeknd
Producer(s): Illangelo, Doc McKinney, The Weeknd
Distributor: CP Records

“Before things get too crazy,” D22 adds, “we should probably tone it down on the sauce.” He hands his neighbor a chalky tablet. “Here. This will help put your body and mind at ease. Just trust me. Don’t know why, but for some reason on the Seattle flights there’s always…”

Track 10: “Rain Sound: Healing Sounds”
Artist: Rain Sounds Factory STHLM
Producer: ~Planet Earth~
Distributor: RAIN & NATURE

“Unexpected turbulence alert. Please remain seated until further notice.”


Act III: Fiesta Entre las Estrellas


Track 11: “Ghost Story”
Artist(s): The Avalanches, Orono
Producer(s): robert chater, Anthony Di Blasi, Andrew Szekeres
Distributor: Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.

While the turbulence clears, Passenger D22 shows his neighbor the ropes about the headrest touch-screens.

“This craft utilizes the Earth’s ionosphere to send messages back home electromagnetically to the number you provided when you set up your trip, just like Nikola Tesla concluded!”

Passenger D21 thanks their neighbor, takes some time to think, and phones home via video message.

Track 12: “Send It Up”
Artist(s): Kanye West, King L
Producer(s): K. West, G. Manuel de Homem-Christo, T. Bangalter, Gesaffelstein, Brodinski, Arca, M. Dean
Distributor: Rock The World/IDJ/Kanye/LP6; Warner Chappell Music

Fasten Seatbelt signs dim. Passenger D22 motions his neighbor to the back of the craft. Stairs lead down to the Premium Club where art, entertainment, and liquor converge. Nintendo stations, quiet rooms, and an unlimited bar. What could go wrong?

Track 13: “745 Sticky”
Artist: 100 gecs
Producer(s): Dylan Brady, Laura Les
Distributor: Dog Show Records

“Wait…” our Passenger wonders, “there’s a nightclub on this ship??” Passenger D22 chuckles and leads the way to the middle of the dancefloor. “You bet there is! You have fun; I’ll be right back. There’s an off-duty flight attendant who said she’d call me and never did. Gonna give her a little shit for it. Meet up with ya later!!”

Track 14: “pink diamond”
Artist: Charli XCX
Producer(s): A.G. Cook, Dijon
Distributor: Atlantic Records UK

As the drinks flow and the bass thumps, our Passenger has the time of their young life. Ah… to be 21 again.

Track 15: “Not Okay”
Artist: SOPHIE
Producer: SOPHIE
Distributor: MSMSMSM/Future Classic

“Oh… Oh, god. I don’t… I don’t feel so good.” Passenger D21 sways back and forth in the heart of the dancefloor. Their neighbor spots them from across the room.


Act IV: Descent to the Unknown


Track 16: “Dreamtime”
Artist: Flume
Producer: Flume
Distributor: Future Classic

Passenger D22 approaches to check in on his neighbor. “Hey… Looks like you’re on the struggle wagon a lil’ bit. Why don’t ya just rest your eyes before we have to head back. Let’s just take it e-”

Track 17: “Violence – REZZ Remix”
Artist(s): Grimes, i_o, REZZ
Producer(s): Garrett Lockhart, Grimes, REZZ
Distributor: 4AD

“Nope!” our Passenger responds, perking back to party mode. “I LOVE THIS SONG! Violence! Violence!! Baby, it’s violennnnnnnce!!!”

Track 18: “Die Like a Rockstar”
Artist: Danny Brown
Producer: Daniel Dewan Sewell
Distributor: Fool’s Gold Records

Vomit. Green, brown, orange, chunky… vomit.

Track 19: “Titanic Rising”
Artist: Weyes Blood
Producer(s): Jonathan Rado, Natalie Mering
Distributor: Sub Pop Records

Like a guardian angel, Passenger D22 rushes his neighbor to the stall. Most of the chunky discharge somehow makes it into the toilet. Soon the struggle fades, and the duo set a path back to their seats.

Track 20: “Untouchable”
Artist: Pusha T
Producer(s): Timbaland, Milli Beatz
Distributor: G.O.O.D. Music/IDJ

Passenger D21 sips a seltzer as the craft begins its landing sequence. “Hey, neighbor, what’s it like down there” they ask. He continues to gaze at the Big Cheese.

“It’s the most beautiful silence you’ll ever experience.”

Welcome to the Moon!

¡Bienvenidos a la Luna!

Bienvenue sur la Lune!


चंद्रमा में आपका स्वागत है!

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