Jean Dash Delivers Captivating Performance on “I’m So Into The Internet”

The Bronx NY rapper/songstress gives her own rendition of SAINt JHN's "God Bless The Internet" and delivers.

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Time, the unit of measure that defines our existence. A limited resource, one should value how it’s spent. We’ll, over these last 4 days I’ve had the opportunity of discovering an artist whom at first glance may deceive you yet is worth the time. Its true; we live and consume music in a saturated market, so an unforgiving sense of selectivity is suitable in most situations. Although it’s far more important to apply this to musical consumption. In an industry plagued by gimmicks, Jean Dash may look like your tatted, hyper-curvy diva, but her voice boarders on angelic and is certainly God given.

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Naturally I’d stray from delivering high praise to a cover, yet one would be foolish to discredit the sonic versatility Jean Dash possesses. Her voice wafts effortlessly over the ballad-centric production graciously provided by Prime and Keyzz. Themed with reverb-laden backing vocals and perfectly timed delays that enhance the overall presence of her voice. Pulled from SAINt JHN’s “God Bless The Internet” her rendition “I’m So Into The Internet” carries its own personalities and sensitivities. From stance to delivery, she exudes confidence in the ddrfx directed visual. I for one know. If you pay attention, people will tell you a lot about themselves without saying much. Jean Dash says enough when she sings. The dedication applied to her craft work with the vulnerability she displays when necessary.

You pair this with her sweet disposition and brash humor, and you’ll find an artist who is far more relatable than first perceived. If you make time for anything, make time for this. While Jean Dash may not be your first selection. Nor may she be what you’ve been looking for. This still stands true. We rarely know what we need until we find it.

You can listen to Jean Dash’s “I’m So Into The Internet” in the player above and also be sure to check out her upcoming EP when it releases on streaming platforms within the coming months. Lastly, for more indie music spotlights, Olivia Dean Captivates on Her Latest Offering “Baby Come Back”.


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