The Making of Kendrick Lamar's "DAMN."

The Making of Kendrick Lamar’s “DAMN.”

A masterful mini documentary on the making of Kendrick Lamar's fourth solo album.

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Kendrick Lamar tells the story of his life through his music. Seamlessly combining poetry with political, social and anthemic visual narratives. With DAMN., Kendrick sought a more commercial sound while maintaining the conscious introspection of To Pimp A Butterfly. The liberty to create brought a vitality to the DAMN. as Kendrick solicited the creative freedom he once experienced while recording Section 80.

Released on 14 April 2017, DAMN. arrived in the middle of a struggling political climate. It’s contention with social norms and political ques made for a cathartic and masterful release. Throughout the album, Lamar induces the need for restraint, introspection and the upholding of convictions that give people the courage to push forward during trying times.

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DAMN. is not a political album, it’s a scope into the continuation of Kendrick’s growth. A direct response to the world that surrounds Kendrick. Armed with his exceptional penmanship and love for words, Kendrick offers a unique method of storytelling, encouraging the listener to engage with the tracks again and again to discover insightful revelations on how Lamar perceives the world and its issues. A well balanced narrative on peaceful reflection and the damnation cause by the sins of man.

The album finds Lamar skillfully balancing his novel wordplay, providing every verse with a rational purpose. Unapologetic delivery gives way to consistent, skillful, categorically “conscious hip-hop” worthy of attention. To break down DAMN., The Most Unruly gives his take on Lamar’s fourth studio album. His work is stellar, providing masterful mini documentaries on the making of albums by popular artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and many more. You can watch the full video by clicking the play button above.


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